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We are committed to making blockchain more meaningful.

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We serve our customers through four global businesses

We are committed to building a business for the long term, developing relationships that last.


Technology R&D

In order to realize an excellent idea, we must solve a big problem, and the back of the task must have the support of many technical experts. Our R & D team sets the foundation for our ideas to be realized through endless research on point-to-point, distributed memory, key agreement mechanisms and safety.


Combination of block chain and payment, combination of block chain and medical care, we think that the application is the core key of block chain technology. Our wallet and digital money settlement technology have already accelerated the future by permeating our life with a decentralized block chain. The future has already come.


Big data and block chains have already enabled many problems that have not been solved in the past, such as safety, sharing, privacy, and privacy. Now it becomes more important to make data as production resources such as water, oil, and air. Our CS Blockchain data (CSBD) will rebuild the block chain and Big Data solution, making it a low-cost, high-efficiency infrastructure that everyone can trust.


CS Blockchain cloud system (CSBCS) Block Chain and Cloud Computing are our next generation super platform, built on top of Doker and Kubermates. We build a public infrastructure that everyone trusts and will lead the ecosystem. We create new value by borrowing resources from joint venture partners.

The next generation of global digital economic Block chain ecosystem.

In the past decade, Bitcoin has became a worldwide craze and impelled the extensive application of blockchain technology. BTC and ETH has respectively signaled the 1.0 era and 2.0 era of blockchain . Although the rapid development of applying blockchain technology, the conventional single system of blockchain application fails to get accustomed to the current user requirements. What we need now is a whole new era leaded by the “ecology of innovation”.

The “ecology of innovation” means to break down the boundaries of technology, finance and internet, thereby bringing user new values of blockchain and then promoting the development of society continually. What we pursue is to reconstruct such a ecologic business mode, which across the border of industries and value chains. We firmly believe that the global digital economic era of “blockchain- ecology” is coming. That is WHY we set up Bitzon!

The new Bitzon token is issued by our Bitzon platform, which is designed as a user- centered ecologic business model. By restructuring the industries of blockchain the Bitzon platform will develop an inclusive closed-loop ecological system, which may start a new exploration to the global digital economic.

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About Us

About Us?

ChunSung Found in Korea,ChunSung Korea is a block chain company established by block chain enthusiasts who are attracted by the block chain technology. ChunSung Korea office is located in Seoul, Beijing, and Silicon Valley. We do not doubt that the block chain will lead the world in the future. The blockchain digital economy will lead the world in the next era, and we will work hard to build a more free, open and progressive ecosystem.

Our Mission

Promote blockchain applications to serve social progress and business development

Our Vision

Create a blockchain ecosystem for the public to benefit.

Opportunities in Global Team and Markets

Global Team and Markets provides Blockchain services and products to corporates, governments and institutions worldwide. We offer career opportunities in areas including technology R & D, Markets, Global Research, and Markets Operations.

Global Team and Markets focuses on building partnerships with our corporate, government and institutional clients to help them achieve consistent, long-term performance. We use the strength of BITZON international network to connect emerging and mature markets, covering key growth areas. Our products and services include Exchange, Wallet, Liquidity, Security, BaaS, Mining pool and transaction Cryptocurrency.




Happy Clients


Completed Works



What Clients Say?

“We had the task of rebranding the wallet and redesign all the Process.
We really glad that we have found Tom and we enjoyed working with him. He
offered a lot of creative options and interesting solutions. It was necessary
to coordinate work with a lot of people and make many changes. It was a big
work, and Tom did everything on time. ”
Jon Olsson
Bwallet LLC
“We have a Retailer and we needed a solution, who could help us can help us complete digital currency payments
. jason made for us blockchain pay . He has worked well its adaptability and UI/UX . While making deploy he always thinks how it’s going to work.”
tom piao
zhendeyouliao Inc
We are a cryptocurrency exchange, the csk exchange system has accelerated our on-line time and provided a lot of extra support, including liquidity and how to solve user asset security, so that we can spend 100% of our time on the business.
Jack Spilberg

We are recruiting – a global partner

Chunsung Korea is a block chain company. We are recuiting to become a member of the ecosystem of global ecosystem of Chunsung Korea and to be a member of the block chain ecosystem that we will make together.

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Digital money has completely changed the frame of the existing money. Our new platform will enable you to fully realize your potential. Make your dream come true!

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